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USS Newport News (SSN-750)


Submarine Warfare Insignia


Ship's Emblem

The overall shape of the seal is an ellipse which is the same geometrical shape as the Newport News Shipbuilding logo. This shows graphically the relationship of this submarine to the place of its construction. The principal identifying monument in the city of Newport News, symbolizing Victory in two World Wars, is the Victory Arch. This Structure is shown looming as a phantom like image in the background. The submarine USS NEWPORT NEWS is the focal point in the seal, seen cruising in any waters where Victory at Sea is to be maintained. The national colors are symbolically formed by the converging of sky, horizon and sea. A traditional naval rope or mooring line encompasses the overall design.

The motto "MAGNI NOMINIS UMBRA" (in the shadow of a great name) relates the ship's name to the well established shipbuilding and naval traditions of the City of Newport News and the distinguished careers of the previous naval ships that have proudly carried this name.

Seal of USS Newport News

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